Custom Vehicle Wraps

Custom Vehicle Wraps

From decals to full Custom Vehicle Wraps, one Vehicle to a company fleet, compact car to semi truck and trailer. Elite Graphics does it all! Consult with our designers to find out how we can turn your business vehicles into a mobile billboard!

Paint Protection


You spend thousands of hard earned money on your vehicle, the minute you pull off the car lot your investment will be a target for things such as road debris, rock chips, road salt, and yes other drivers. Elite Graphics Paint Protection Film will keep your vehicle safe from stone chips, road debris, and other minor scratches and abrasions. Contact us for a more detailed explanation on protecting your investment.

Window Tint


Window tinting is an easy way to make your vehicle look good, stay cool, protect your privacy, and protect your interior from sun damage. at Elite Graphics we use only the best window film with the best warranties in the industry. Ask us about our new heat-blocking ceramic tint, available in three different shades (including clear)!