We all have seen them. They are big and make a big statement. Whether you were riding on one, or behind one… there is not a way not to notice it. We are talking about bus graphics.

Buses are big vehicles, but a wrapped bus is a big advertisement with an engine. There is no other way to put it, a bus that is not wrapped is a missed advertising opportunity. Bus graphics are trending, and fortunately, bus owners, advertisers, and marketers know how effective they are.

let’s get to business. Wrapping a bus, or a fleet of buses is not easy. Many busses are custom made, or custom altered making it almost impossible to meet two buses that are alike. This calls for specific measuring and precise template building process. Scaling a bus wrap correctly is a key to ensure that all design elements fall into the correct spaces, and believe us, buses have many obstacles on the vehicle body. Vents, rubber edges, complex turns we know them all.

If you are in the market to get a bus or coach wrap, look no further. We have experience and drive to take any simple bus design to the next level.