Food Trucks are trending, there are more and more of them on the streets of Salt Lake. Serving great food from your truck is of number one importance, but what is equally important is having a beautiful truck wrap.

Food truck wraps are how your customers see your business, describe it and form and opinion about it. In order to attract your potential customer to try your food, he or she first needs to feel that they will receive good food and great service, and they make their decision based on what they see.

It takes us only 10 seconds to formulate a first impression, for food trucks this first seconds are what is the most important. It needs to be designed with strategy, and here at Elite Graphics we call it a ‘tasty strategy’ when it comes to food truck wraps.

Design is always the most important aspect of the wrap, because a well installed and printed wrap will not be effective without a good design. Food truck wraps require extra attention in the design process, because just like a restaurant needs interior and exterior design, a food truck needs a wrap.

Second most important is the installation. We have years of experience wrapping and designing food truck wraps, so we know that nearly each truck is different, since they are custom made and creating individual design templates is by now our second nature.